Meet My Crew

I thought I’d pop in to introduce my co-workers…I work from home and these are the only ‘beings’ I see during the day. For the most part, they are respectful and quiet, however, they each have their moments. All are rescue animals, so I don’t know their true stories, so I’ve had to invent them.

Meet Penny


AKA Pepper, Peppy, Pepsi, Cheryl from HR

Penny is my sidekick, my shadow, my best bud. She has a nose for trouble and does NOT like anyone near our house during the day, so she barks….a lot. She’s a black and white Jack Russell terrier, which means she can jump and bounce like a rubber ball, and I can never find any cute Jack Russell knickknacks because, I guess, she’s supposed to be brown and white. When she wears her burgundy sweater with the fur collar, I call her Cheryl from HR. She keeps things in line over here.




Meet Ella


AKA Ellie, Bowl Cat, Ellen, Cinderella, Danger Kitty

A frequent subject of my posts on #catsofinstagram and #catsinbowls, Ella is Penny’s best friend and my desktop companion throughout the day. She’s really my son’s cat, but when he’s at school, I’ll do. She looks all sweet and fluffy and soft, but beware, this girl’s got boundaries. If you touch her, and she has not approved that interaction, she will grab you with her claws and nip at you. She doesn’t hurt, but she lets you know it’s not ok to touch.  In the mornings, however, she’s all about the love and will wake me up to love her up. I can’t resist these opportunities. She’s the only member of the crew who is not allowed outside. She has a special turquoise bowl on my desk where she can nap, watch out the window and watch me work.



Meet Sadie Lou



AKA Lulu, Sa-loulou, Baby, Lou, Special dog

Sadie is the new girl. She doesn’t quite know what she’s doing yet, but she’ll go along with the program. She’s like my receptionist – she greets all visitors and guards the door. Likes: the bathtub (her hiding spot), my closet (her ‘room’), food, cucumbers, lunch time, belly rubs. Dislikes: Penny and rain. Sadie rarely barks. She looks meaner than she is. She is also a mismatch of whatever her parents were…I’m thinking Labrador and Chihuahua….her feet are too small for her big barrel body. I’m not body shaming her, she just has her limitations, like, I tried to teach her “shake” but she keeps falling because the paws remaining on the ground can’t support her. Oh well. Finally, she hates having her picture taken so much that the majority of the photos I have are her running away because whenever she sees the camera go up, she bolts. I suspect she’s in the witness protection program.


Meet Melanie



AKA Jellybean, Mel, Melly

Melanie is the veteran of this operation. She’s been with the ‘company’ for 11 years. She spends her days policing the outdoor area and making sure no vermin penetrate the perimeter. She sits out in front of the house and watches from her chair. At night, she becomes the love cat, wanting all the attention. She will frequently steal the bowl spot from Ella, and assume her place on my desk. The only animal she likes is Sadie, I think because she looks like my old dog, Jack, who passed away. Mel is getting up there in age, so I think she just assumes he came back.  She is also the only non-black and white animal in the house, which makes her special, too.


That’s it for now.  Expect to hear from the crew in future posts because they are a big part of my day now that my kids are grown up.



As October brings a chill in the air, more pumpkin flavored everything, and my son’s 15th birthday, I find myself occupied with the following:


Drinking Cherry Pomegranate Crystal Light in my water and Hazelnut coffee with 2 pumps of sugar free Torani Brown Sugar Cinnamon syrup

Eating lots of fresh veggies, especially red, orange and yellow peppers and crunchy cucumbers

Reflecting on how I spent the last 20 years of my life in a spiral of disordered eating, anxiety and depression. I’ve come to terms with it all and have lost over 100 lbs by changing my diet this year

Wearing new sizes! I’m down 4 sizes and have had to recycle my wardrobe 4 times this year. I’m excited to put together new outfits and I feel confident in my appearance for the first time in 20 years.

Knowing I need to start dating again, and cringing at the thought of weeding through online dating sites – yuck.

Reading Power Your Happy by Lisa Sugar …. I’ve been waiting for this to come out. Whenever I read it, I get inspired to do more of the things I love.

Working in my Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith …. I bought it, but never ‘wrecked’ it….I felt like it was time to get to work on that

Singing with a wonderful group of women in a cabaret we are performing in November. I think I’ve found “my” song … “Home” from Wonderland.




images found on amazon, and picmonkey