What’s No Longer Serving You?

5 Random Things to get rid og

I’m hearing this phrase a lot lately.

Get rid of what’s no longer serving you.

I’ve reached year 44 of this life and I can tell you, I am loaded with things that are no longer serving me. Maybe you are carrying those things along with you, too.

Both literally and figuratively, I am loaded with the burden of the things I carry that I no longer need….supplies from past hobbies, books and materials from former careers, baby clothes and toys that my 19- and 14-year olds have long since grown out of, relationships that are long past their expiration date…all types of weight from unhealthy choices. I keep asking myself, why is it still there? What am I afraid will happen if I get rid of this ‘stuff”? Is the guilt of still owning these things stronger than the guilt that I spend money and time on them and that I will never use them.

I think what is no longer serving me is a combination of foolish spending, worry that I might need these things some day, and living in the past . And, I’m not talking about the real past, I mean the past as I hoped it would be when I was just out of college, or a newlywed, or even as a newly-divorced single mom. It’s time to get over it, let it go, move on….

So, I’m putting all those things I’ve accumulated, but no longer need, on notice…this year, you are out! I’m reclaiming my life, piece by piece. In no particular order, totally random and not a complete list, here are some of the things I’m getting rid of this year:

  • Old spices – because really, I don’t cook enough to warrant 28 different spice jars in my pantry. Most often, I throw a little garlic Mrs. Dash on the meal and I’m good.
  • Gadgets that I have no intention of using or have never used – quesadilla maker and fajita cooker, I’m looking at you.
  • 2 personal relationships that are past the point of being healthy – they’ve weighed down my heart with their broken promises and mixed signals long enough
  • All previously mentioned supplies and junk from former careers and hobbies – teaching supplies that are taking up room in my garage, things I picked up at conventions, and (gasp) scrapbooking supplies.
  • 64,488 emails in my Gmail inbox (cringe) – 1) what if I get rid of something I need? and 2) this is going to take a REALLY long time.

Pushing these things off my plate, I’m hoping, will clear the way for a little peace and clarity.

I’ll keep you posted. I’m happy you are sharing this journey with me.

What do you commit to getting rid of?

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